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They were looking for the capture of John Hancock, Samuel Adams and the seizing of the military depot established at Concord.

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Armoury for weapons and ammunition.

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Q: What were the british looking for at concord?
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What did the British get after capturing Concord?

The British did not capture Concord.

The revolutionary war began shortly after british troops marched toward?

concord is the answer you are looking for. Trust me!

What were the British soldiers looking for from the people of Concord?

One of the many things that sent colonists into a fight to gain freedom from England were some of the British acts including the Quartering Act. This act forced the people of Concord to house British soldiers whenever they came looking for a place to stay.

Were did the british go after Lexington?

After Lexington, the British went to Concord, Massachusetts.

What were the colonists trying to hide from the british at concord and lexington?

according to research, the british herd there were weapons hidden at concord and Lexington.

British march on concord?

It took about 7 miles to get from Lexington to Concord.

When did the British get to concord?

April 1776

What were the colonist trying to hide from the British solders at Lexington and concord?

according to research, the british herd there were weapons hidden at concord and Lexington.

Why were the British troops marching to concord?

A British force marched on concord because they were getting ready in order to prepare for battle, i think.

Did the string of british losses or fighting in lexington and concord come first?

the fighting in lexington an concord

2 Which towns does the British army go through after they leave Boston?


Who chose to march in Lexington and concord?

The British