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The main conflicts at the Constitutional Convention regarded Congressional representation and slavery. Virginia was the largest state, and their plan called for proportional representation in Congress. The smaller states refused to surrender their autonomy to a federal government that would be dominated by the large states. They insisted upon equal representation for each state. The "Great Compromise" was a bicameral legislature -- two houses of Congress where the states would have equal representation in the Senate, but proportional representation in the House of Representatives. There were several issues regarding slavery: * There wasn't much serious talk of abolishing slavery, since several of the Southern states would not join the Union if slavery were abolished. * Ten states had banned the slave trade, but the other three (Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina) threatened to leave the convention if the slave trade were banned. The compromise was to give Congress the power to ban the slave trade, but only 20 years after the Constitution was signed. * The Southern states wanted slaves counted as people for determining representation (though they wouldn't be allowed to vote) but not for issues of taxation. The North wanted the reverse. They finally agreed on the Three-Fifths compromise, with three out of every five slaves counted for purposes of both taxation and representation.

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In May, 55 delegates came to Philadelphia, and the Constitutional Convention began. Debates erupted over representation in Congress, over slavery, and over the new executive branch.

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The main argument during the Constitutional Convention was on how to elect the members of the House of Representatives. They also disagreed on presidential power.

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Q: What were the conflicts at the Constitutional Convention?
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