What were the factory acts?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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The Factory Acts were a series of acts put into place by the Parliament to limit the number of working hours to women and children.

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Q: What were the factory acts?
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What was the factory acts?

The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Factory Acts which put a cap on the number of hours children and women were allowed to work in the textile industry. Eventually, the Acts include all other industries.

What acts called for factory inspection and enforcement of child labor laws?

Factory Act of 1833

Why was the factory act 1802 introduced?

Factory Acts were a series of laws implemented by the British Parliament to improve factory conditions. Initially, the Acts were created to regulate the conditions of children who worked in the cotton mills. Eventually, acts were added that improved the working conditions of all who worked in the factories.

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What did the British acts do?

The British factory act limited the working hours of children and women to a maximum of 10 hours per day. The act was passed in 1847.

What in 1833 the Government began laws to improve the working lives of children these laws were known as?

The laws introduced in 1833 to improve the working lives of children were known as the Factory Acts. These acts aimed to regulate child labor and improve working conditions in factories.

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