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Whereas their was no explicit requirement of the delegates the states sent in May of 1787.

It is noteworthy that they were all Christian men. Educated. Each held at least one public office.

In the end, Each state had only one vote. So who made the vote was figured out by their respective delegations.

First order of business was who was going to oversee the convention. This was President Washington.

200 years later I cannot think of a President that the US people would want to oversee such a new convention, as the convention would lose credibility and quickly be viewed as a partisan activity. And, not the framing of a document for two more centuries.

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Q: What were the requirements as to who could be a delegate to the us constitutional convention?
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Were the constitutional convention meetings held in secret?

The Constitutional Convention meetings were held in secret. Word of the many conflicts and disagreements could not get back to the various states and create additional demands by state legislators.

When did the constitutional convention say slave trade could be banned?

The Constitutional Convention said that congress could not ban slave trade until 1808.

What is the meaning of constitutional convention please help and recommend?

the meaning is that they could do anything constitutional

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Benjamin Franklin.

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the delegate held out hope that they could restore the colnics relationship with Great Britain

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john Adams

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the delegates from the states were arguing and could not agree

Why were the sons of liberty not invited to the constitutional convention?

The rabble rousers such as Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty were not invited to the Constitutional Convention because they wanted conservative men with only rational thoughts that could keep the secret of the events happening at the convention.

What was the constitutional convention about?

weather they could agree on the laws that the people wanted (voted on laws)

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Yes, Benjamin Franklin was in favor of the Bill of Rights. Benjamin Franklin was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and served as the 6th President of Pennsylvania.