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The struggle for India's freedom is believed to have started in the early 1800s. The Indian independence movement officially started in 1857.Ê

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Q: When did India's freedom struggle start?
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In which year did the Sepoy Mutiny Indias first freedom struggle take place?

In 1857.

Indias struggle for independence from the British was a ____ year process?

30 years

What event marked the start of the struggle for Latin American freedom?

i dont know but is is the cry of the dolores in mexico

African words for freedom?

The most popular slogan in the African struggle for freedom was the phrase "Aluta Continua". The phrase means "the struggle continues" and was used to symbolize the struggle for freedom in Africa.

What was the first political party to rule India?

Indian National congress it was established in 1885 with a.o hume as its president it was behind the movement for indias struggle for freedom even when it was out of power it was a strong opposition and has dissolved many a govt. There is a link below.

Need for symbols in general and during freedom struggle?

Need for symbols in genral and during freedom struggle?"

How is the symbols of struggle used in freedom fight?

proves that they have been struggling in the past and the present

What was the name of the Criollo priest who helped the start of Mexico's struggle freedom?

Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo (1753-1811) qualifies as such.

Who was known as the lokhit wadi during the freedom struggle of India?

Gopal Hari Deshmukh was known as the Lokhitwadi during the freedom struggle of India.

When did US win the freedom struggle?


Freedom Struggle of India?

Indian History

Who said sepoy mutiny is India's first freedom struggle?

The first struggle was in Tamilnadu, but nobody knows it.