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Q: When did puritans move to New England?
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Who settles in New England?

Puritans and Pilgrims.New England was settled by English Puritans. Hence the name New England.

How were the Puritans in England similar to the dissenters in the New England Colonies?

puritans in England /dissenter sin new England how are the similar

Which colonial region and religious groups are matching correctly?

New England-Puritans

Why did the Puritans locate in New England?

The puritans located to New England because there they were allowed religious freedom

What was the first religious group to settle in the New England colonies?

the first group that settled new England were the puritans

Were did the puritans come from?

The Puritans were from England. They believed that the Church of England was too much like the Catholic Church. They settled in what became Massachusetts and revived what they believed was the proper form of Anglican Protestantism.

Who came to new england to escape religious persecution?

The Puritans came to New England to escape religious persecution.

New England puritans was wrttin by?


What people were in New England colonies?


Did the puritans settled in New England?


What did the New England Puritans value?


What colony did the purirtns build in New England?

The Puritans built Plymouth in New England.