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Q: When was Sam Houston elected as governor of Texas?
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Who was elected governor of two different states?

Sam Houston -- First Governor of Tennessee, then President of Texas, then Governor of Texas

When did Sam Houston get elected to be Governor of Tennessee and Texas?

He became the 8th Governor of Tennessee in 1827 and the 7th Governor of Texas in 1859.

Who has the first governor of the state of Texas?

Sam Houston

Who was elected president of Texas in 1836?

Sam Houston

Who was elected Texas first president?

Sam Houston

Who was the only man elected governor of 2 different states?

Sam Houston was governor of 2 states, Tennessee and Texas Also John White Geary was the Governor of Kansas and Pennsylvania.

Who took over from Sam Houston as governor of Texas in 1861?

Edward Clark who was Houston's Lieutenant Governor.

Who was Sam Houston's parents?

Sam Houston's mother was Elizabeth Paxton, and his father was Major Samuel Houston. Sam Houston was the 7th Governor of Texas, serving from December of 1859 to March of 1861. Before becoming governor, he was a US Senator from Texas.

What prompted the removal of sam Houston as Texas governor?

Texas was becoming part of the Confederacy, and Houston did not favor that.

This person ran for governor in Texas in 1859?

Sam Houston.

What states were Sam Houston governor of?

Tennesse and Texas. In that order.(:

Who is the longest serving Texas Governor?

I believe it was Sam Houston