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Q: Where did George Washington dedicate the US?
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Who was the fisrt US president?

All US Presidents are Americans. George Washington was the first.

Who is the first president of US?

George Washington. I hope this is not a trick question.

What did George Washington do for us?

Well George Washington helped us to gain our freedom and independence.

Whose picture is on the US quarter?

George Washington

Who is a famous combatant in US history?

George Washington

When was George Washington appointed the President of the US?

George Washington was a became the President of the US in 1789 on April 30.

Who was the president of the US prior to 1732 before George Washington?

George Washington was the first

Who was your first president of the US?

George Washington was the first President of the U.S. George Washington

First Commander in Chief?

The first US Commander in Chief was George Washington.

What was the first president of the United states?

The first US President was George Washington.

What is George Washington's real name?

The former US President's real name was George Washington.

Who is on the us dollar?

George Washington