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all i know that they didn't stay in the southern states

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Q: Where did most Federalists live?
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Were the anti-federalists wealthy?

Most anti-federalists consist of lower case merchants and farmers. So to answer your question, most anti-federalists were not wealthy.

on what issue did federalists and ant-federalists disagree most strongly?


Who were the most infamous federalists?

hot and cold

What is the most visible disagreement between federalists and anti-federalists?

whether representation should cover the entire republic

What did the Federalists believe the most apparent source of tyranny was?

Government is not what the federalists feared to be the most apparent source of tyranny. The federalists supported the idea of government. They actually believed that the most apparent source of tyranny was the Majority Rule - that is to say they thought that the popular majority would be able to unite and "trample on the rules of justice". It was the anti-federalists who believed that government was naturally tyrannical.

What group of people supported the Constitution during the ratification process?

Members of the Federalists party which included Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay supported the ratification of the Constitution. These members believed a centralized government was necessary to preserve the states in the union.

Who most strongly advocated for ratification of the Constitution?


What part of the country did the most Federalists come from?

the north

Which political party is most like the Federalists?

The Democrats

Who were the most important federalists?

hamilton, madison,jay

Who did the Anti-Federalists believe were most represented in the Constitution?

Anti-Federalists believed the constitution represented small states over all.

The most important contribution of the Anti-Federalists was the?

The Bill of Rights.