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Q: Where does Congress met for the first time?
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How were members of congress chosen in 1748?

Congress didn't exist yet in 1748. The First Continental Congress of the United States met for the first time in 1774 and were just representatives of the 13 colonies. The first elected congress, senate and President didn't happen until 1789.

Why was the First Continental Congress created?

In June 1774, William Pitt, a member of Parliament, asked British leaders to become patient. The first Continental Congress met because they were trying to adopt a more gentle way of governing America, and to possibly petition Britain for a more respectful treatment. This was not to be, and the Congress was forced to reconvene two years later to very seriously discuss independence.

What year was the second continental congress?

1775The Second Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from the Thirteen Colonies that met beginning on May 10, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soon after warfare in the American Revolutionary War had begun. It succeeded the First Continental Congress, which met briefly during 1774, also in Philadelphia.

What was the meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphia in 1774 called?

The first Continental Congress, which met from September 5, to October 26, in 1774, met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Carpenter's Hall was built as a meeting place for the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia.

True or false when the Second Continental Congress met in May 1775 all of the delegates were in agreement?

its true the Second Continental Congress met in May 1775