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The Andersonville Prison was located in Georgia, about 10 miles Northeast of Americus Georgia. There is a national historical park there.

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Q: Where is the andersonvill confederate prison?
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Where is andersonville confederate prison?


What was a extremely overcrouded confederate prison?

Alcatraz Prison

Where is the most notorious confederate prison located at?

Andersonville Prison, Georgia

What was the impact of the Andersonville Prison?

The prison was a horrible way to treat Confederate prisoners.

Where was Andersonville Confederate prison located?

The Andersonville Confederate military prison is located on Cemetery Road in Andersonville, Georgia. The prison is now considered a national historical site, and is operated by the National Park Service.

How many confederate prison camps?

there were over 500

Where is a extremely overcrowded prison in a confederate camp?

in Richmond

Head of the infamous confederate prison?

Confederate Major Heinrich Hartmann Wirz (known as Henry Wirz).

Who was head of the infamous Confederate prison?

Tacode A. Sada :D

What was the confederate prison called?

The worst one was Andersonville, Georgia.

Where was the notorious confederate prison in Georgia?

Andersonville - scandalously overcrowded.

What was the name of the Confederate prison in Georgia with poor conditions?

Andersonville was the most notorious Confederate Prison for Union prisoners of war. They killed the most amount of people in the Civil War and it was the worst camp out of both the Union and Confederate sides. So you can lick my butthole!