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The Americans won after a last minute effort by John Paul Jones

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This battle took place off the coast of England.

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Q: Where was the Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis?
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During the engagement between the continental navy ship bonhomme richard and the hms serapis showed his indomitable will against seemingly hopeless odds he announced you have no?

John Paul Jones

The Bonhomme Richard was a warship belonging to the Navy.?


Which commander won the battle of bonhomme Richard serapis?

The captain of the Bonhomme Richard (John Paul Jones) won the battle at great costs. John Paul Jones lost half his men in this vicious battle between Great Britain (who was fighting with a ship called the Serapis) against "America." John Paul Jones and his crew had been under heavy fire for the first hour. The captian of the british ship asked if John would surrender but then he said "I haven't begun to fight." The next two hours were brutal. Finally John jumped on deck of the Serapia and claimed the ship. Only but 36 hours later he watched the Bonhomme Richard sink. okay... so who won british or Americans?

What response did commander john paul Jones give to the British captain of the Serapis when asked whether he wished to surrender during a long fierce battle at sea?

"the fight has just Begin!" John Paul Jones. Also that he didn't start to fight or the war has not begun

How is the quote you have not yet begun to fight connected to the Revolutionary War?

In 1779, while in command of the American vessel "Bon Homme Richard", Captain John Paul Jones engaged the British frigate HMS Serapis in the "Battle of Flamborough Head". While maneuvering to grapple the Serapis and board her, the British captain taunted Jones "Will you yield?", the Bon Homme Richard having been severely damaged. Jones replied "I have not yet BEGUN to fight!" After a prolonged battle, the Americans prevailed and the captain of the Serapis surrendered. The American crew was forced to abandon the sinking Bon Homme Richard, and sailed the Serapis to (neutral) Holland for repairs.

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What body of water is the bonhomme Richard vs the serapis fought?

The North Sea

What date was the war of bonhomme Richard vs serapis?

The Battle of Flamborough Head, at which John Paul Jones' ship Bonhomme Richard defeated the British 44-gun escort HMS Serapis, took place on September 23, 1779.

Where was the site of Bonhomme Richard V Serapis?

Off the coast of Flamborough

Who sailed the Bonhomme Richard against the Serapis?

Commodore John Paul Jones of the US

What was the name of john paul jone's ship that fought the serapis?

His ship was named Bonhomme Richard.

What American ship defeated the british ship named Serapis?

the bonhomme Richard lead by john paul Jones

Who was the captain of the serapis?

Captain John Paul Jones became the captain of the Serapis after his own ship The Bonhomme Richard sank in battle with her. The previous captain of the Serapis was Captain Pearson. As an side, the HMS Serapis was unique in that it had a hull made of copper.

What happened to the Bonhomme Richard after the battle with the Serapis?

John Paul Jones famous ship the Bonhomme Richard was lost during the Battle of Flamborough Head, the battle in which Jones defeated the HMS Serapis.Once it was apparent the battle was lost, the Serapis' Captain Richard Pearson surrendered his vessel to Jones. Jones transferred his flag and crew to the Serapis and took command from there.At that point, the Bonhomme Richard was sinking; efforts to save the ship overnight by pumping and repairs proved fruitless. Jones ordered all supplies and wounded off of the ship, and the Richard sank the next day.

Where was the battle of Bonhommes Richard vs serapis?

The North Sea

When was the sea battle where the HMS Serapis battled the USS Bonhomme Richard?

On September 23, 1779, the HMS Serapis battled the USS Bonhomme Richard. The battle took place off the English coast city of Flambrough Head. Captain John Paul Jones survived the British ship and was victorious despite being shelled by friendly fire from a French warship.

What was the name of the French warship that fired at the USS Bonhomme Richard by mistake?

During the historic sea battle between the HMS Serapis and the USS Bonhomme Richard, the US ship was the target of friendly fire from the French warship named the Alliance. The French captain was Pierre Landais.

When and Where did the battle of the Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis take place?

The Battle of Flamborough Head, at which John Paul Jones, commanding the Bonhomme Richard successfully captured the British sloop-of-war Serapis, saw approximately 287 casualties, based on estimates and reports from the time. The Americans and French lost approximately 170 casualties; the British over 117. Remember that sailors could take days or weeks to slowly die from injuries/infections received from wounds in battle.