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Rhodes v. Chapman

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Q: Which Supreme Court case held that overcrowding in prisons is not by itself cruel and unusual punishment?
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Is overcrowding in prisons cruel and unusual punishment?

Overcrowding in prisons definitely is considered to be cruel and unusual punishment. This is not safe and definitely not humane.

How does the supreme court usually rule in cases that involve overcrowding in prisons?

The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of issues. Their scope is only to interpret the Constitution. The premise of overcrowding in prisons is that it is an improper living condition violating human rights. The Court has mandated that the Federal Government establish standards for prison populations.

According to the supreme court capital punishment is?

Is legal, if it meets the test of not being "cruel and unusual punishment".

When if ever would the US Supreme Court overturn a statutory punishment for a particular crime?

Most likely, if the punishment violates the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

How are cases involving cruel and unusual punishment generally ruled by court?

that would be supreme court because it deals with the 8th amendment to the constitution

How much jail time may one get for cruel and unusual punishment?

Cruel and unusual punishment is not a crime. The constitution protects Americans from cruel and unusual punishment from the state.

Which amendment guarantees there will be no cruel and unusual punishment?

The 8th Amendment prohibits excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.

What was the punishment for cruel and unusual punishment of slaves?

slaves get whipped and beaten

What are the release dates for Punishment Cruel and Unusual - 2001?

Punishment Cruel and Unusual - 2001 was released on: USA: 14 November 2001

What punishment is highly debeted in regards to cruel and unusual punishment?

One punishment that is highly debated in regards to cruel and unusual punishment is the death penalty. It's very uncommon for the actual death sentence to be brought out.

What does it mean for a punishment to be cruel and unusual?

It means things that are totally unwarranted - like cutting off a thief's hand, or locking someone in a room for half a year because she might be "a witch". Things like that, totally cruel and really not suited to what the actual crime was. ========== Over time the phrase "cruel and unusual punishment" has been interpreted many ways. In general the idea is that any punishment imposed in a barbaric, excessive and/or bizarre manner would constitute "cruel and unusual punishment". This has been the basis for many of the more recent appeals of death sentences - arguing that imposing death on another human-being is, by definition, cruel, and/or that since many developed countries have abolished the death penalty as a punishment it would now be considered "unusual". Pillories used to be common but fell into disuse and they are now classified as "cruel and unusual". Some punishments that used to be considered fair are now considered excessive, such as hanging someone for stealing a horse.Some prisons have been forced to upgrade or improve their facilities because the hardships imposed on prisoners - which used to be considered perfectly acceptable and normal are now argued to be cruel and unusual punishment because they are so much worse than what ordinary people endure outside the prisons and jails. It probably all comes down to what society currently considers to be cruel and unusual.

Who was against cruel and unusual punishment?

Many people are against cruel and unusual punishment. It is against the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution.