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The tenth Amendment states that powers not expressly given to the federal government nor denied to the states are reserved for the people/states.

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the tenth adment

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Q: Which first ten amendments state that any powers not given to national government and not be denied by the people of the states?
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How does the tenth amendment increase state powers?

It establishes that powers not given to the national government , or denied to the states by the Constitution, belong to the states or the people. It defines the nature of federalism as far as the relationship between the people (states) and the federal government.

How do the amendments protect people from government excesses?

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How does the system of federalism balance the power of states and the national government?

The system of federalism balances the power of states and the national government because it gives greater powers to the national government so that our nation did not turn out as a confederacy but it also keeps certain reserved powers for the states that can be denied or taken away by the national government. Not to mention the fact that our states are involved in national politics as well as their own and thereby or national government cannot make all the decisions for the country and the states without our (the people) approval.

Why did they make the amendments?

The Amendments were written to protect the states and the people from a too-powerful federal government.

Who created a national government?

the national government was created by many different people

What best describes the concept Yeltsin is which was denied to people under the Soviet government?

freedom of belief

What is a denied power?

Denied powers are those the Constitution prohibits the federal government from doing. For instance, interfering with the free expression of religion or the right of people to petition the government.

How did the lack of a strong national government create problems?

the lack of a strong national government is the people behind the government helping the government pass all the test to become a national government on its own.

How are new amendments ratified?

New amendments are ratified by the people as they are represented by their states. Three fourths of the states must ratify an amendment in order for it to take effect. No group or individual has any veto power over the ratification of an amendment by the states. Amendments can be initiated by the government, as have all the amendments ratified so far. Less known is the fact that the states themselves, according to the Constitution, can initiate amendments independent of government. In this case, the government's only involvement is to instruct the states whether they can ratify amendments through state legislatures, or by state conventions. There is no appeal when the states ratify an amendment. The only authority that can enact an amendment or repeal one is The People.

Why have there been so few amendments made to the Constitution?

Apparently, the process for amending the Constitution is deliberately tedious so that only the most important national issues will make it through, and the government will not be weakened by abrupt change and too much rule of the people. As a result, there have been few amendments in US history, and only one of them was repealed.

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What is the proper role of a national government?

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