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Under the Articles of Confederation, the Confederation Congress created the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1780 and appointed Robert R. Livingston as the first Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

When the United States switched from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution in March 1789, the Department of Foreign Affairs automatically dissolved. In July of that year George Washington signed into law the bill recreating it, and he appointed John Jay, the second and last Secretary of Foreign Affairs under the Articles of Confederation, as the first Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs under the Constitution. Then in September of 1789, George Washington signed into law the bill that changed the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Department of State. At the same time, John Jay's position was changed from Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs to Acting Secretary of State.

The first official Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, was also appointed by George Washington. He took office in March 1790.

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George Washignton

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Q: Which former US president appointed the first secretary for the Department of State?
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michael maglupa siya ay isang bakla ngaun maraming nakakaalam na siya ay nagkakagusto kay dingdong dantes .sa gabi ang pangalan niya ay kashokoy minsan nagwawala siya at nagsisisigaw dahil nababaliw siya minsan .by : kim shantal 13 ........................................................

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Which former U.S. president appointed the first secretary for the Department of State?

George Washington

Former defense secretary before he became president?

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