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The Anti-Federalist's, also known as the republican's.

They believe in the separation of power to guarantee checks and balances of government.

Originally the People would vote for their federal representatives in the legislature, which was and is the Congress. The States would appoint their federal representatives, which was the Senate (in 1913 the 17th amendment allowed for the people to directly, choose, vote for the Senator's). All the people in the States would vote for who they wanted to be the leader, the President. But, they did not and still do not actually vote for their leader. The President of the United States is voted for and elected by the Electoral College. The Electoral College consists of 538 citizens, 'electors'. This was put in place in Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, later amended with the 12th amendment in 1804. Each State get's one 'elector' for each member of Congress and the Senate that the State has. For the election of the President the District of Columbia get's three elector's.

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Q: Which group favored the separation of powers?
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