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Q: Which part of the government has the power to regulate other territories?
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What does the state government not have the power to do?

Among other thingsThe power to regulate interstate and international commerceThe ability to declare warEstablish a postal service

What kind of government is a confederation?

A Confederate Government is ruled by territories themselves. The Central Government is weak while the Territories' Governments have most of the power.

What powers were not provided for the under the Articles of the Confederation?

The power to tax, to regulate interstate commerce, and to regulate foreign commerce.

The federal government has the exclusive power to?

regulate interstate trade

What powers are given to the state government and the national government?

The power to regulate intrastate comemers is what

Who would have the power to regulate the slave trade the national government or the states?

The National Government

What effect did the sanctity of contracts have on the government's power?

it limited the power of states to regulate businesses

What does the constitution not give the federal government the power to regulate?

Power to set state taxes.

What power does commerce clause give the national government?

This provision gives the nations government the power to regulate interstate commerce.

What extent does china's government control and regulate the economy?

The Chinese Government has the power to totaly regulate the economy of China However no government has ever been able to controll an economy.

What is a power the federal government has?

Power to make war, coin money, regulate interstate commerce..

What effect did the sanctity of contract have on state government's power?

it limited the power of states to regulate businesses