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Franklin D. Roosevelt is depicted on the diime.

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Q: Which president has his picture on a dime?
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Picture of 1914 dime?

What are the dimensions of a 1914 dime and do you have a picture of one?

Who picture on the us dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the US dime.

Who s picture is on the us dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the US dime.

Who is the picture of on the dime?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is featured on the U.S. dime from 1946 to date.

Who's is on a dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the President on the American dime.

What is the value 1953 eisenhower dime?

Uh, Dwight Eisenhower was (a) President and (b) very much alive in 1953 so legally his picture couldn't be used on any coin. The dime carried, as it still does, a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Is there a picture of a 1939 dime?

Yes Just Google "1939 dime" hit images and you will have the choice of hundreds of them.

What is the value of a 1960 silver liberty dime with president Johnson on one side?

It can't be a liberty dime (1960) with President Johnson on the face. Presidents are only put on money after they have died. President Johnson didn't take office until 1963. Liberty Dimes have a picture of Miss Liberty on them and were last made in 1945. Dimes minted from 1946 to the present have a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt on them. If that's what you have, as of 07/2011 it's worth about $4 for its silver content.

Is Eisenhower on the US dime?

No, Eisenhower is not featured on the U.S. dime. President Roosevelt is on the dime which was designed with his image in 1946. President Eisenhower was featured on $1 coins minted from 1971 to 1978.

1917 john f Kennedy dime?

JFK was an infant in 1917 so there is no possible way his picture would have been on a dime. All dimes minted up to 1945 carry a picture of Miss Liberty. Dimes made after that have a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Please determine what you have and post a new question.

Who is on 1951 dime?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt been on the dime from 1949 to date

What does a 1936 liberty dime look like?

You can find a picture of a 1936 liberty dime at the related link below.