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Rutherford B. Hayes took office March 4, 1877. He removed the last of the troops in Louisiana and South Carolina AFTER he took office as President. The Compromise of 1877 called for this withdrawal and helped put Hayes into office without disputes of the election.

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Q: Which president was put in office after withdraw of troops from the south in 1877?
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As a result of the Hayes-tilden compromise?

federal troops withdraw from the south

In the Paris Peace Accords, what did the United States agree to do?

to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam

What did the Paris peace accord do?

to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam

What was president Richards nixons plan for vietnamization of the war?

U.S Forces would withdraw and ARVN troops would try to reunite Vietnam under a single flag.

Who was president when the federal troops were withdrawn from the south?


How did Rutherford B. Hayes become president?

He won the popular and electoral vote. Actually he didn't win the popular vote and thought he had lost the election. In a nutshell, he became president when he was able to broker a "backroom" deal with the Democrats.

What was the plan for the gradual removal of American troops from South Vietnam?

The plan for the gradual removal of American troops from south Vietnam was called Vietnamization. South Vietnamese troops were trained to use American arms and materiel to protect their country.

What was President Nixon policy to replace us troops in Vietnam with south vietnamese troops?


Why did federal toops leaves the south in 1877 effectively ending reconstruction?

In 1877, Democrats refused to allow the President to take office unless he removed federal troops from the South. This was called the Compromise of 1877.

What is the name of the US president who ended reconstruction and pulled the union troops out of the south and returned home rule to southerners?

Rutherford B. Hayes did that soon after he took office in 1877.

What year did the us troops withdraw from Vietnam?

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What did the United states agree to do in the Paris Peace Accords?

. What concession did the United States receive from North Vietnam in the Paris Peace Accords?