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Q: Who are the calusas?
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What tribe paid tribute to the calusas?

the tribe that paid tribute to the calusas are the tuestas

How did calusas cook?

very tasty

What are Calusas tribe customs?

what customs did the culusa tribe have

What were the calusas houses like?

small without walls

What native Americans lived in Florida?

Apalachees and Calusas

Where do the Calusas live?

The Calusa's lived in the southern part of Florida

What native American groups live in Florida?

Apalachees and Calusas

What were two sources of wealth for the Calusas native Americans?

hunting and eating

How did the calusas store their food?

they stored there food by giving it away to people

What kind of home did the calusas Indian tribe live in?

I think they live in a little shed

What were the womens role in the calusas tribe?

brandon thompson here to tell you to have a good day

What type of crops would the Indian tribe the calusas grow?

They grow crops like melons,fruit, and mostly squash.