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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who has been the most eloquent president?
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President old man eloquent?

President James Madison who was President between 1825 and 1829 was the president who was nicknamed Old Man Eloquent. He was the sixth President of the United States.

What president said '' I am a ford not a Lincoln My address will never be as eloquent''?


Who was president nick named old eloquent man?

jhon Quincy adems

Finest and most eloquent address?

my house

Which president said you are a Ford not a Lincoln your address will never be as eloquent?

Who said this? "I am a Ford, not a Lincoln

Who has been the most responsible president?

President Obama has been the most fiscally responsible president of a generation.

What is a sentence using the word eloquent?

The candidate hired the best speechwriter he could find in the hope of being the most eloquent person at the debate.

What is eloquent in Tagalog?

The word for "eloquent" in Tagalog is "kumplimentado."

Why was John Quincy Adams nickname Old Man Eloquent?

He served for seventeen years in Congress, which earned him the name "Old Man Eloquent".

What is an example of eloquent?

To be eloquent is to be loquacious.

Bryan's eloquent prosilver speech to the 1896 democratic convention that won him its nomination for president?

Cross of Gold speech

What part of speech is eloquent?

Eloquent is an adjective.