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Q: Who is the famous orator and senator in 1800?
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Who was the famous Roman orator and senator?

There were many famous Roman orators and senators, but the one that comes to mind first is Cicero. Cato the Elder and Cato the Younger were both senators and orators. Julius Caesar could be included in the group and also Marc Antony.

When was Gabriel Furman - state senator - born?

Gabriel Furman - state senator - was born in 1800.

Name some famous orator of the world?

Cicero, Hitler, Kennedy

Who was famous orator in Rome?

Your question is hard to answer because to judge an orator one would have to hear and see him and the Romans never made any DVDs of their speeches. The most famous one who comes to mind is Cicero, but in his own time he had big competition from Hortensius. Cato the Elder, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony could also be rated as great. An orator did not just stand up and deliver a speech. He had gestures and voice inflections---showmanship was part of the art of persuasion.

Who is simion west?

Simion West was an Illinois state senator in the 1800's

Who are the most famous polish immigrant of the 1800's?

What are the most famous polish immigrants of the 1800's

How do you use the word outspoken in a sentence?

The outspoken young man immediately confronted the senator about his record on environmental issues. The orator was an outspoken advocate of abolitionism in the 1840s.

Who was the other orator at the Gettysburg cemeterty on the day Lincoln delivered his famous address?

Edward Everett

What senator was helpful in getting roads and canals built in the early 1800's?


How were Daniel and Noah Webster related?

Daniel Webster and Noah Webster were brothers. Daniel Webster was a prominent American statesman and orator, known for his work as a lawyer and U.S. senator, while Noah Webster was a lexicographer who published the first edition of his famous dictionary in 1828.

What is the possessive form of orator?

The possessive form of the noun orator is orator's.example: The orator's message was inspiring to the audience.

Who was the other guest orator at the Gettysburg cemetery on the day that Lincoln delivered his famous address?

Edward Everett