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they call him dovakiin or dimitri krilov

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Q: Who is the leader of the Spetsnaz?
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Where did the Spetsnaz come from?

Russia. Spetsnaz are goodies

When was Spetsnaz - TV miniseries - created?

Spetsnaz - TV miniseries - was created in 2002.

Who would win in a fight between Spetsnaz or Rangers?

Definitely spetsnaz.- also, the spetsnaz could take out greenberets and all of america, RUSSIA IS BOSS

What is Spetsnaz and is it the only one in that country?

Spetsnaz is the abbreviation for the Russian general term for special forces unit, there are many branches in the Russian military which have spetsnaz units.

Who is better navyseal or spetsnaz?

Spetsnaz. spetsnaz use heavy fighting skills which could beat anyone in Sas in hand to hand combat, Spetsnaz climb up each other like a human latter to get into a hotel that is barricated via window, and spetsnaz use countless hours of tactics and have a higher succsess rate with counter terrorism, hostage situations and gun skills SPETSNAZ WOULD BEAT SAS ANYDAY

How do you join the spetsnaz?

In order to join Spetsnaz you must speak fluent Russian and have Russian citizenship unless hired as a foreign combatant. I am a former Spetsnaz soldier therefore I have a duel citizenship

Who won Spetsnaz or IRA in deadliest warrior?

Spetsnaz won with 717 kills, the biggest blow out yet

Did the spetsnaz ever have a mission in Africa?

maybe, during the vietnam war,in vietnam there was spetsnaz commandos,but its not officialy

Are the Spetsnaz still around?


Is spetsnaz polish or Russian?

Its Russian

How to get spetsNaz training?

Join the army

Who won green beret or spetsnaz on deadliest warrior?

sorry the spetsnaz won by a few battles so there basicly a tie >:3