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Eugene V. Debs ran on the Socialist Party of America ticket five times and never won.

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Q: Who ran for president of US the most and never won?
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Who ran for US president the most times without ever being elected?

Eugene V. Debs ran on the Socialist Party of America ticket five times and never won.

What year president run against Jim Carey?

President George W. Bush ran against Senator John Kerry in 2004. President Bush won. Jim Carey, an actor, never ran for political office and never ran against any President of the USA.

Who was the Vice-President when Hubert Humphrey was the President?

Hubert Humphrey was never President; he was Vice President under Lyndon Johnson.

When did Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton run for presidant?

Jefferson ran in 1796, but lost to John Adams. He ran again and won against Adams in 1800. Hamilton never ran for president. Hamilton was not born in the US, and was not eligible to be President.

Did Andrew Johnson run for President before he was elected?

No. He was never a candidate for President and only ran for vice-president the one time he won. He was a US senator when his state, TN, seceded.

Did president Theodore Roosevelt lose the first time he ran for president?

No. The first time he ran was 1904, and he won.

What year did j f k run for president?

JFK ran for President in 1960.

What vice president ran against a president and won?

The first case of this was Thomas Jefferson, who ran against John Adams.

How many time did President Lincoln run before being elected?

it took up to 8 years for Lincoln to become president :)

First president who ran for election and won?

George Washington

When did Franklin Pierce run for president?

He ran and won in 1852.

Who was the Vice President ran against the President he served under and won?

Thomas Jefferson