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Arthur never ran for president. He ran for vice-president with Garfield heading the ticket. They won the popular vote by a narrow margin of less than 10,000 votes or about 1/10 of one-percent .

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Q: How much did Chester Arthur win in popular votes?
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President Chester Arthur Weighed 220lbs because of his love of food.

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Who ran against Chester Arthur?

Chester A. Arthur was never a presidential candidate. He was listed as one of those campaigning for the Republican Party nomination as the term he took over after the assassination of James Garfield was coming to an end, but he didn't offer much of a campaign; he knew that his health was failing. The 1884 Republican Party nomination went to James G. Blaine, who just barely lost to Democrat Grover Cleveland. The former President passed away less than 21 months after leaving the White House. When Chester A. Arthur ran for Vice President in 1880, his opponent was William H. English.

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Most say he was 6'2" and 220-250 pounds later in life.Reference: Bumgarner, John R. The Health of the Presidents: The 41 United States Presidents Through 1993 from a Physician's Point of View.

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