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Andrew Jackson noted for having a kitchen cabinet to advise him.

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Q: Who relied on his kitchen cabinet instead of his official cabinet for advice?
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What group did Jackson rely on for political and policy advice?

Jackson did not seek a lot of advice-- he generally knew what he wanted to do and did it , not always with the best results. Martin Van Buren was probably his most astute political adviser. His nephew, Andrew Donnelson, and kitchen cabinet friends, Kendall, Blair, and Lewis all gave advice on occasion.

Cabinet Secretary of Australia?

A cabinet secretary is a senior official who gives advice and provides services to a Cabinet of Ministers. The Constitution of Australia does not recognize the Cabinet as a legal entity.

Who did Andrew Jackson seek the most advice from during his presidency?

Andrew Jackson took the most advice during his presidency from his "Kitchen Cabinet."

Who did Andrew Jackson seek most advice from during his presidency?

Andrew Jackson took the most advice during his presidency from his "Kitchen Cabinet."

The unofficial set of advisors from whom Jackson constanly sought advice was known as?

The Kitchen Cabinet because they met in the white house's kitchen (in private of course) after dinners.

Why were jacksons personal advisors often referred to as the kitchen cabinet?

Andrew Jackson's kitchen cabinet was him taking advice not from his cabinet, but his trusted friends and political supporters. it was called the "kitchen cabinet" because they were said to meet in the White House kitchen. they met in the white house to discuss how to improve the cabinet

What are the functions of the Presidents kitchen cabinet?

The President's kitchen cabinet, also known as the informal advisors or inner circle, serves multiple functions in supporting the President's decision-making process. They provide advice and counsel on various policy matters, help shape the President's agenda, and offer insights and expertise on specific issues. The kitchen cabinet also plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, advocating for the President's initiatives, and maintaining communication between the President and relevant stakeholders.

What was the purpose of Jackson's kitchen cabinet?

The kitchen cabinet was a collection of unoffical advisors for Jackson after he fired all of his last cabinent officers who wives were ugly to Peggy Eaton in the Eaton Affair.

The president is not required to follow the advice of the cabinet?

It's not mandatory but since he picks his cabinet, he will most likely listen to their advice.

What is the cabinate?

Chief Executives frequently rely on an informal group of loyal and trusted advisers, referred to as the "kitchen cabinet," rather than the formal cabinet who have been assigned to assist them with policy and managerial advice. The kitchen cabinet dates back to the Andrew Jackson presidency (1829â??37).

Who advises the president in directing the armed forces?

His official cabinet does. The President's cabinet consists of the head of all 15 executive departments and all may be called on the give advice, but the current President almost never holds cabinet meetings. The Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are his main advisers in military matters.

Who can the U.S. President get advice from?

His well as his friends.