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Q: Who stood in the uncovered portion of the Globe Theatre in the Elizabethan Era?
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Who stood in the uncovered portion of the globe theatre in Elizabethan era?


What was the difference between the Globe Theatre and the Elizabethan theater?

Nothing. The Globe theatre was one of the Elizabethan theatres. Think of "Elizabethan" as a time or type, not an actual theatre with that name.

What was the cost of standing room at the Globe Theatre in elizabethan time?

It would cost a penny for the standing room at the Globe Theatre in Elizabethan time.

What is Shakespeare's globe theatre a example of?

Reconstruction. The builders tried, in the twentieth century, to replicate using Elizabethan techniques, an Elizabethan theatre. (Shakespeare's Globe Theatre opened in 1997)

Why is te name of a famous Elizabethan theatre in London?

The golden globe theatre

Is the orb a famous Elizabethan Theater?

No. The name of the theatre was The Globe.

What was it like to watch a play in the globe theatre?

You can find out by attending a play at Shakespeare's Globe in London or in another replica of an Elizabethan theatre.

Was the globe an elizabethan theater?

Yes. The Globe was and is William Shakespeare's theatre, although a replica of it had to be rebuilt later.

What were famous theaters in the Elizabethan times?

Swan Theatre, The Theatre, The Rose Theatre, The Globe Theatre, The Boar's Head Theatre, Blackfriars Theatre, and The Bear Garden

Write an essay on the Elizabethan Theater?

The shakespearian theatre "The Globe Theatre" is in Bankside,London SE1.It is an exact replica of the original Elizabethan open-air theatre where William Shakespear put on his plays.

Which class visited the globe theatre in the Elizabethan era?

All Types did if they could afford it

Where is the replica of The Globe Theatre located?

United StatesAshland, Oregon, OSF Elizabethan TheatreCedar City, Utah, Adams Shakespearean TheatreDallas, Texas, Old Globe TheatreOdessa, Texas The Globe Theatre of the Great SouthwestSan Diego, Old Globe Theatre[13]Williamsburg, Virginia, Globe Theatre, in Busch Gardens Williamsburg