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Q: Who was raised in the country because his mother wanted to protect him?
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Who raised Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was raised by her mother and father along with a brother and sister. When her father died her mother raised her.

Is it possible for a tiger to be raised by human as a baby and protect them when it gets older?

no because it can get out of control

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Princeton was born&raised in Los Angels but his mother is Mexican :)

Whose mother raised him far off in the country in order to try to prevent him dying as his father and brothers had?


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Jenna Wolfe's mother was of Jewish heritage and from New Jersey, while her father was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Jenna herself was raised in the country of Haiti.

How old was the Wicked Witch of the West when she turned bad?

She was 15 when she turned bad because her mother tryed to get her raised good, but her father raised her bad.

What was bobby darrin's family secret?

Bobby Darin's family secret was that the woman he thought was his mother was actually his grandmother, and the woman he thought was his grandmother was actually his mother. His true mother, Nina Cassotto, raised him as her brother to protect his reputation and career.

Can a ball python raised in captivity survive in the wild if released?

probably not, the snake would find it hard to adapt into the environment because it was raised by a human and not by its mother.

Was Mother Teresa raised as a Catholic or did she convert?

She was raised as a Catholic.

Who raised Qeen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth was raised by her father because her mother got her head cut off. she got her head cut off because she had a girl

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A lion cub is raised by its mother only.

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Janie was raised by her grandmother because her mother left her at a young age and her father was unknown. Her grandmother provided her with love, stability, and guidance throughout her childhood.