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Boris Jeltsin.

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Q: Who was the first elected non communist leader of Russia?
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Whose was the first democratic elected leader of Russia?


Who was the first communist leader in Russia?

Vladimir Lenin was the first communist leader for Russia. After the successful revolution against the Russian Provisional government in October, 1917, Lenin later discarded the term Bolshevik in favor of Communist. The party soon after changed the name of Russia to the Soviet Union.

In 1990 Hungarian voters freely elected their first no communist leader since what year?


Who was the first communist dictator of russia after the 1917 revolution?

Vladimir Lenin was the first communist dictator of Russia after the 1917 revolution.

Who was the first elected president of Russia?

The first elected president of RUSSIA was Boris Yeltsin.

Who was the new leader of russia after the breakup of the soviet union?

Boris Yeltsin was elected the President of Russia in June 1991, in the first direct presidential election in Russian history.

Who was the first communist leader anywhere to head a popularly elected govt?

There was no one. There was no historical example if a non-communist system switched to communist ever by elections. Fundamental of communism the one-party-only theory, so after the switch there are no real elections.

What were the communitist in Russia first called?

Bolsheviks were the first members of the communist revolutionary party in Russia

What was Stalin's first goal as leader of the Soviet Union?

To pull Russia out of the war and concentrate on establishing a communist state.

Where was the first communist government democratically elected in India?


Where is the first elected communist government?

Technically Russia, the Soviet Union was formed shortly after so most recognize The Soviet Union (there is a big different, Russia usually implies the country itself, the Soviet Union was a union of Russia, the baltics, central Asian countries, Georgia and neighborhing countries, and some of the slavic nations)

Who was Russia's first leader?

The first leader was Vladimir lliac Lenin