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The following presidents died in Washington DC.

9th President: William H. Harrison Died in Office: Apr 4, 1841, 12:30am
Cause of death: pleurisy, pneumonia Age: 68

6th President: John Quincy Adams Died Feb 23, 1848, 7:20pm
Cause of death: paralysis (stroke) Age: 80
12 PresidentL Zachary Taylor Died in Office Jul 9, 1850, 10:35pm
Cause of death: bilious fever, typhoid fever, and cholera morbus, following a heat stroke eating cherries and cold buttermilk. Age: 65

16 President: Abraham Lincoln Died in Office Apr 15, 1865, 7:22am
Cause of deathL assassinated by gunshot Age: 56

28 President: Woodrow Wilson Died Feb 3, 1924, 11:15am
Cause of death: apoplexy, paralysis Age: 67

27 President: William Howard Taft Died Mar 8, 1930, 5:15pm
Cause of death: Heart disease Age 72
34 President: Dwight D. Eisenhower Died Mar 28, 1969, 12:25pm
Cause of death: coronary thrombosis, heart failure due to numerous heart attacks Age 78.

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Q: Who was the first president to die in Washington D.C.?
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Was the Washington monument the first to honor a president?

The Washington monument was the first by many years of the monuments built in the National Mall in Washington, DC. Since Washington was the first president to die, he was the first to have a tomb .

Who was the first president sworn in wash dc?

George Washington

First president to be inagurated in Washington dc?

Thmoas Jefferson

What does the Washington Monument in Washington DC honor?

It honors George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Who was the first president to govern from Washington DC?

John Adams was late into his term as president when the capital moved to Washington in 1800.

Why is Washington honored in Washington DC?

Because he was the first president (as well as one of the founding fathers).

Was Washington DC named after George Washington because he was the first president of the US?

Yes. Washington State is named after the first president George Washington.

Who was the first president to arrive in Washington DC by train for the inauguration?

1841 Harrison

Who was the first president to take the oath of office in DC?

James MonroeThe first president to take the oath was George Washington.

Was thomas Jefferson the first president to be inaugurated?

Jefferson was the first to be inaugurated in Washington, DC. Presidents Washington and Adams were duly inaugurated when they took office but the capital was not yet in DC.

Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington DC and the second?

thomas jefferson was the first

What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.