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All 13 states were invited to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Only Rhode Island refused to send delegates, fearing (correctly) that the Convention didn't really intend to revise the Articles of Confederation, but rather to replace it with a Constitution that created a strong federal government.

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The first person to arrive at the constitutional convention was John Dickinson

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Ben Franklin was at age 81

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Q: Who was the oldest person to attend the Constitutional Convention?
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At 81 Oldest person at the constitutional convention?

Ben Franklin was the oldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention.

Was Benjamin Franklin present at the Constitutional Convention?

Yes, Benjamin Franklin did attend the Constitutional Convention.

Who was the youngest person in the Constitutional Convention?

John Locke

Who was the first to arrive at the constitution convention?

The first person to arrive at the constitutional convention was John Dickinson

What was William Livingston job at the Constitutional convention?

He was a person who signed the constitution

Which person was NOT a delegate to the Constitutional Convention?

Thomas Jefferson

Who was elected the president in the constitutional convention?

George Washington was the person elected to be president of the constitutional convention because he was the leader for almost everything involving the constitution.

Did an early proposal of constitutional convention call for a three person executive?


Are William Houston and William Houstoun the same person?

No they are not. They were both delegates at the Constitutional Convention.

What is a delegtate?

a delagate is a person who is some one elected to go attend a convention

What is the goal of the constitution convention?

The goal of the constitutional convention was to bring equal rights to big states and small stated and that each person has equal rights

What are 3 objections to holding a second constitutional convention?

it can get old or the people can get mad about it or there can be allot of crimes if one person finds out how to get past it