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Admiral Richard Howe was a British Admiral who served in the Royal Navy during the Seven Years War, the Revolutionary War, and the French Revolution. General William Howe was a British General who was in command of British forces in North America during the Revolutionary War.

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Q: Who were Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe?
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Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe?

Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe were two of the three famous Howe brothers, with George Howe being the third one. While Richard was a British Naval officer known for being British Naval commander during American Revolutionary War, William Howe belonged to British Army and was Commander-in-chief of British forces during the American Revolutionary War.

Which two lord propietors shared a last name?

British General Sir William Howe and his brother Vice Admiral Richard Howe.

Who did General William Howe defeat in 1776?

In 1776, General William Howe defeated George Washington.

Did general William Howe have a wife?

General William Howe got married in 1765

Who was William Howe?

Genral Howe was a British General who had commanding control over Philidelphia during 1777 during the rvolutionary war. Later in the year his job as commanding General was taken by another British General known as General Henry Clinton.

Who William Howe?

William Howe was the brother of Richard Howe, both of whom supported the American cause in the Revolutionary War.

Did General William Howe die?

General William Howe died at Twickenham in 1814 after a long illness.

British general who won the battle of new york in 1776?

William Howe

Was horatio gates the british general at the Battle of Bunker Hill?

False. The British general was William Howe.

What did William howe do?

William Howe was a British general during the American revolution. he was the brother of Richard Howe, the admiral during the revolution. general Howe replaced general gage in Boston in 1776. when he was forced out of Boston by Washington's siege guns, he prepared another offensive. in the summer of 1776, he struck hard blows at new york city and Brooklyn, and scattered Washington's army. in 1776, he was tired of the war, so he retired home and was replaced by general Clinton.

Who in 1776 did General William Howe defeat at New York?

Sir William Howe.

Who was the general that misjudged the patriots position on bunker hill and lost many of his troops?

The assault was ordered by Gen. Thomas Gage and was carried out by Gen. William Howe.