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The Progressive Movement in the United States was not started by one person or one group. The progressive ideas and ideals that were expressed in the early years of the 20th century go back to the ideas expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The Progressive Movement inherited ideas and reforms from such groups as the Mugwumps, the groups leading the Social Gospel movement, the women's movement which goes back to the 19th century, Populism, and even some socialistic ideas put forth in the late 19th century. Basically, the progressives saw ills in society at all levels of government--local, state, and national. They attempted to correct these evils and ills in various ways. The thing that made the Progressive Movement more successful than previous groups attempting reform was that the progressivies appealed to a wide variety of people and ideas. They included members of most political parties as well as the poor, middle, and upper classes of society. There were progressive businessmen, progressive politicians, and progressive individuals and groups. Another factor in the success of the movement was that there were three progressive presidents who pushed the ideals of the movement, and leading senators and representatives who helped create the public support for the movement's reforms. MrV

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Q: Who were some important people during the Progressive era in the US?
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