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It was the men of the Continental Congress, which included George Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and many others. George Washington was the military leader during the war, but overall the Continental Congress held the power.

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Toussaint-Louverture and Simon Bolivar

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Q: Who were the leaders during the American independence movement?
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Why did the United states support Latin American independence?

Latin Americans had supported American in its fight for Independence during the American revolution

Was Felix holbrook a loyalist?

Yes, Felix Holbrook was a loyalist during the American Revolutionary War. He supported the British monarchy and opposed the American independence movement.

Who were the caudillos?

Many Latin American army leaders had gained fame and power during their long struggle for independence. And they controlled the new nations as military dictators, caudillos.

Was it the Declaration of Independence that was signed during the American Revolution?

The Declarations of independence was signed before the American Revolution.

Who were the moderates?

The moderates were the congress leaders during the first phage of the National movement.

What is the mau movement?

The Mau was a non-violent movement for Samoan independence from colonial rule during the early 1900s

Who were the American military leaders during the revolution?

its paul raver

Why were intellectuals persecuted during China's Cultural Revolution?

They opposed the movement in some way or its leaders.

Which of the following best explains why Indira Gandhi was harshly criticized during her time as India's prime minister?

She violently suppressed a Sikh independence movement.

Goal of US during the Spanish - American War was to?

Gain independence for Cuba.

Was Andrew Jackson a leader during the American independence movement?

No, he was still a boy and was not at a leader, but he was engaged in the fighting and was actually captured as a POW by the British for a short time and almost died from small pox.

What happened during the National Movement in India between 1885-1947?

The establishment of Indian National Congress in 1885 marked the turning point in the south Asian history. India got independence in the year 1947.