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one of them was George Washington

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Q: Who were three leaders of the union?
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The big three allied leaders met to discuss the postwar world at yalta in?

Soviet Union

What types of leaders came to power in italygermany and the soviet union before world war 2?

fascist leaders- Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. all three had totalitarian views.

The leaders of the three Allied nations known as the big three met at teheran and yalta name of leaders and there nations?

ok try this soviet Union was there, what means Stalin was there. Britain with prime Minister Churchill and the last one was the American President Roosevelt

Why were Joseph Stalin Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill known as the big three?

They were the leaders of the three main Allied powers: Soviet Union, United States, and Great Britain.

The leaders of the Confederacy believed that the Union was a?

The leaders of the Confederacy believed that the Union states were the enemy. This belief was largely influenced by the slave trade.

List of leaders of the Soviet Union overthrown by the Bolsheviks?

The Bolsheviks did not overthrow any leaders of the soviet Union. The Bolsheviks were the people who created the Soviet Union lead by Vladamir Lenin.

Who are the past trade union leaders in barbados?


What are three important leaders for the Union Army?

Ulysses S. Grant, Chocolate Cake, Someone Else, Ice Cream, and Apple Pie fynt2

Who was the leaders of the soviet union?

The leader of the Soviet Union during WW2 was Joseph Stalin.

Who were the union leaders at the battle of Richmond?

General Meade

Where did the union and the confederate leaders meet at?

they met at Appomattox

Who was the leaders of the national labor union?

William H. Sylvis was the leader of the National Labor Union.