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Q: Who worked to have philadelphia's street lights at night and paved?
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Why are there street lights?

To help see at night

Do street lights switch off during night?

Street Lights stay on in the night as they have a light detection unit on the top, if the sensor falls under shadow it turns on.

Can street lights affect night blooming jasmine?


Are moths attracted to light?

yes in fact there mostly attracted to blue or black lights at night look at the street lights closely and you can see the moths, they mostly come out at night.

How do you find objects in the night sky?

it depends what you look for if you look for a planet you might want to head to a field on a cloudless night with no street lights

When Driving at night you must use your headlights if street lights are further apart than?

185 metres

How did Benjamin Franklin improve street lights?

He improved it so it could burn brightly all night long.

Do mourning dove come out at night?

The Mourning Dove (Not "Morning" as people have mistaken), commonly sleep during the night time. However, in urban areas with a lot of street lights, it is not uncommon to see the occasional Mourning Dove during their mating season out at night as the street lights cause them to believe it's actually day time.

Is it possible to have lights that worked during the day in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3?

yes, but it's tricky. you need to search through the menu until you find the night lights option.

Friday night lights or two a days?

Friday night lights

Who invented streetlights?

Benjamin Franklin led the fight for street lights in Philadelphia in the late 1600s to make the city safer at night.

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