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The Virginia plan favored the people of Virginia.

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Q: Whom did the Virginia Plan favor and why?
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Who did the Virginia Plan favor?

it favored the french

Was William Samuel Johnson in favor of the Virginia Plan or new jersey plan?

Jersey plan

Who did the Virginia Plan favor smaller states or larger states?

larger states

What was thought to favor larger states since representation was based on population?

Virginia plan

Which states favored the New Jersey plan?

smaller ones

What did states with large populationfavorthe Virginia plan?

The Virginia Plan, in having a unicameral legislature whose delegates are assigned by population (much like having just the House of Representatives), favored large states, because their large populations would give them power.

What plan did we go with the Virginia or New Jersey?

james madison for the virginia plan and william patterson for the new jersey plan

This document proposed that Congress could force a state to obey a national law?

Virginia Plan

What were the primary features of the Virginia plan whom did this plan favor why?

people from big states liked the plan because big states got more representatives but the small states got less. i guess the primary features were that there would be three branches and u know everything else we have today but instead of only having two representatives in the senate you would have more based on the population of your state

Which of these plans proposed that both the judicial and executive beaches could veto laws?

Virginia Plan

What plan at the Philadelphia Convention favored the large states because it wanted representation based on population?

Virginia plan

What plan called for a bicameral legislature?

Virginia plan