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This is a false assertion arising from various internet rumors and urban legends.

First, new $1 notes haven't even been printed yet and the only design change will be the start of a new series (2009 or 2010) plus new signatures for the Treasurer and Secretary of the Treasury.

Second, the only change to the location of the motto was that for two years it appeared on the edge of the new Presidential dollar COINS. After a number of religious groups protested about its placement the Mint moved it to a more prominent location on the coins' face.

To keep things in historical perspective, the motto didn't appear on ANY US Coins until 1864, and was only added to the nickel as late as 1938. Paper bills didn't have the motto until the period from 1957 to 1963 depending on denomination. In short, its use on our money is not an historical constant nor does it date back to the founding of the country.

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Q: Why did In God we Trust get taken off the new dollar bill?
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When was In God We Trust added to the dollar bill?

The motto In God WE Trust was added in 1957.

Is in god we trust on the 2016 on dollar bill?

It's been on every American dollar bill since 1957.

Is there an issue of the US dollar bill after 1956 that does not have the motto IN God WE Trust?

No, all issues of the US dollar bill after 1956 have the motto 'In God We Trust'. This is because atheism is generally discouraged in the United States.

Is there supposed to be in god we trust on the Hawaii ten dollar bill?

No, In God We Trust wasn't added to $10 bills until 1963.

Series 1950D H03527280A fifth dollar bill?

What is a 1950 one hundred dollar bill without "In God We Trust" worth?

What is on the back of a 100 dollar bill?

independence hall, trees , In god we trust.

How much is a misprinted fair condition 1937 1 dollar bill that does not have In God We Trust printed on it?

The U.S. Treasury did not issued a one dollar bill dated 1937. Even if they had, the motto "In God We Trust" was not added to U.S. dollar bills until 1957.

What does it say on the back of the dollar bill?


What if the 1935 dollar bill doesnt have the in god you trust motto how much is it worth?


Where is 'in god we trust' on a twenty dollar bill?

On the back, underneath 'THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'.

Does a 1934 10 dollar bill have In God We Trust on the back?

No. The phrase "In God We Trust" wasn't added to US paper currency until 1957.

Did the 1950 ten dollar bill not have in God you trust on it?

That's correct. The phrase "In God We Trust" wasn't added to paper currency until 1957.