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At the time of George Washington, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, it was very difficult to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, and as a result, Europe was effectively quite far away. This was long before what is now known as the global village. As a result, there was no need for the US to waste its resources by getting involved in the endless European conflicts and wars. It would be possible to argue that even when the US did finally get involved in a big way, by entering into WW I, it wasn't really necessary, and the US could have left it to the Europeans to sort out their own problems.

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The main reason why Washington advised that the United States practice neutrality was because "Getting involved in European affairs would risk America's peace and prosperity," since America was still a very new and "fragile" nation.

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He wanted to protect the newly established United States from any war that could potentially cause a downfall

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not that sure?

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Q: Why did Washington want to pursue a policy of neutrality?
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Why did the united states want to maitain its neutrality?

The United States wanted to maitain its neutrality because it didn't want to commit scarce resources to fight war.

Proclamation of neutrality 1793?

This was a proclamation made by George Washington that assured America would remain neutral in the war between Britain and France. Since Washington did not want to get into the war, he remained neutral. It angered many Jeffersonians (the pro-French who thought that they should fight with them).

Where can you find information on George Washington's Neutrality Proclamation?

In a nutshell. Washington realized the US was in no position to take on Great Britain by supporting the French during the French Revolution. He also did not want to completely abandon the French, by remaining neutral he kept the British from declaring war on the US, and by not siding with Britain he gave some moral support to the French Revolution. Keep in mind that his neutrality policy only worked for so long, shortly after he left office following administrations went with different policies, which eventually brought the US into the war in 1811-1812. See related link at the bottom.

What best describes President Washington's foreign policy towards European nations?

He didn't want the US to get involved in European conflicts.

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Why did President Washington keep us out of the french revolution?

Because we were a new country and we did not want to interfere. Also, our policy on foreign affairs at the time was neutral.