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Q: Why did southerners who supported secession believe the action was constitutional?
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Did most southerners believe secession was illegal?

no most of the southerners did not believe secession was illegal

What is it called when a state leaves the union?

When a state left the Union it was called secession.

Did northerners or southerners believe the secession would lead to war?

Both sides believed that war was imminent. The build up began well before South Carolina seceded and precipitated the attack on Fort Sumter. Both sides were prepared for the consequences of secession.

What view on secession did President Lincoln share with outgoing President James Buchanan?

Both presidents Lincoln and Buchanan believed that secession was unconstitutional. They did differ, however, on one important point. Buchanan, unlike Lincoln, however, did not believe that the federal government had the constitutional power to resist secession through the use of force.

Do You Believe either Northerners or Southerners believed that secession would not lead to war?

well lets see, didnt your teachers tell you not to search for answers on wikianswers. Bad child. anyways i dont lose

How did President elect Abraham Lincoln view the threat of secession?

President elect Abraham Lincoln viewed secession as being unconstitutional. He was hesitant, however, to use force to forbid states to actually secede. On the other hand, President Buchanan also saw secession as illegal but unlike Lincoln, did not believe the federal government had the constitutional authority to use force against states that did secede.

Why did the southerners believe slavery was necessary?

Southerners believed slavery was necessary for economic reasons as it provided cheap labor for their agricultural industry, particularly in cotton production. Additionally, it was also justified through social and racial beliefs that supported the idea of white superiority over the enslaved black population.

What did Southerners believe they were fighting for?

Southerners believed they were fighting for 1. Slavery 2. their rural way of life

Do you believe that secession could have been avoided in 1860 why or why not?

no.your welcome

What form of government did Count Cavour believe in?

constitutional monarchythe answer is constitutional monarchy

Why was the South Carolina secession convention moved from Columbia to Charleston?

I believe that there was a smallpox outbreak in Columbia.

What did the southerners believe a state could do?

Southerners believed that there was nothing in the US Constitution that prevented a State that had voluntarily joined the United States to secede from it. Based on the Constitution that was correct.