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they didnt want a knew president knowing rules would change in the country

**actually they didnt want a strong federal government was because they had just gotten out of a monarchy and they hated it which is why the fought the revolutionary war in the first place. they just didnt want to be like England where they had came from.

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The United States Constitution is akin to an international peace/defense treaty between independent nation-states. The biggest fear of the Founding Fathers in melding The Colonies into single nation was that one person would be able take control of the entire Republic, so they developed a stringent system to avoid take over by any one branch of government or individual.

The original colonists came at different times and for different reasons, and the political cultures that developed around those initial settlements reflected that. When the Colonies began to resist British attempts to reassert authority, their only chance for survival was to band together and function as one national entity. However, none of them wanted to be subjected to each others politics when it came domestic affairs, and thus the Constitution was written to create a system in which the state and local governments would be nearly autonomous in domestic affairs, but if threatened, could rely on the whole of The Republic for defense.

The Founding Fathers were strongly influenced by The Enlightenment, and instilled social values, such as the separation of Church and State and the belief in personal autonomy and self governance, which were rights granted to citizens as a condition of unity. They also feared usurpation, whether by a branch of government or a power-hungry individual, so they installed a system of checks and balances to ensure that the levers of power could never be placed in one individuals hands.

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Q: Why did the Americans fear a strong national government?
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What fear led Americans to leave weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation?

Fear of strong national government

What did the strong national government fear?


Why did the people in the newly independent states fear a strong government?

Americans believed that the British government had deprived people of their rights. They thought this was likely to happen with any national government that was both powerful and far away from the people.

Why early Americans fear strong national government?

Because , they thought they would experience the experience they had under earlier British rule. :)

Why did Americans fear a strong central government after the revolution?

The states would have too much power.

What was the source of fear of a central government?

The fear of a central government was based on the previous government of America, which was an oppressive monarchy. Americans were afraid that a strong central government would be just like being ruled by a king all over again.

What did Americans fear after the revolution?

They feared there government was too weak and it would destroy the country.

What form of government did Americans fear?

A tyrant.

The most serious weakness of the Articles of Confederation was brought about by the authors?

fear of concentration of power in national government... :)

What form of government did Americans most fear?

A tyrant.

Which of these led to the Bill of Rights?

Fear of a strong federal government

What does the anti federalists fear?

government take over, they feared a strong central government.