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Q: Why did the Treaty of 1868 Indians fail?
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What treaty gave the Sioux Indians hunting rights in the Black Hills?

The Sioux Treaty of 1868.

What was the Treaty of 1868?

an treaty between the Lakota Nation and the US government signed in 1868

What did Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 allow the Indians to do?

It gave the Lakota Indians ownership of the Black Hills, and further land and hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana

Is the Sioux treaty of 1868 and fort laramie treaty the same?


How many Navajo treaties in 1868?

The treaty in 1868 was called : "Navajo Treaty of 1868" Fort Sumner, New Mexico, June 1, 1868 Ratification August 12, 1868 It starts: "Whereas a Treaty was made and concluded at Fort Sumner, in the Territory of New Mexico, on the first day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between Lieutenant General W.T. Sherman and Samuel F. Tappan, Commissioners, on the part of the United States, and Barboncito, Armijo, and other Chiefs and Headmen of the Navajo tribes of Indians, on the part of said Indians, and duly authorized thereto by them, which Treaty is in the words and figures following" It was the one that allowed the Navajo to move back to a potion of their traditional lands. It created the first Navajo Reservation. The Navajo Nation is much bigger now.

When was Ten Little Indians created?

Ten Little Indians was created in 1868.

What effects did the treaty of tordesillas have on the Indians?


What was the treaty in 1868 and what happened to impact the Indians in a positive way?

The United States recognized the Black Hills as a part of the great sioux Reservation, set aside for exclusive use by the Sioux people. Your welcome. (:

Why did the United states fail to ratify the treaty?

Depends...What treaty are you talking about?

Fort laramie treaty of 1868?

The Treaty of Fort Laramie, or the Sioux Treaty of 1868, was an treaty between the Lakota Nation and the US government signed in 1868. It was signed in Fort Laramie, which was in the Wyoming Territory. The agreement was that the Lakota would own the Black Hills, and other land, and also for the hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. This treaty has also ended Red Cloud's War. i do not no this answer and aperantly the guy who wrote all of that dont either....

How did the government fail to achieve its goal of assimilation for American Indians?

how did the gov. fail to achieveits goal of assimililation for american indians

Was there a brides for Indians treaty with the Cheyenne?