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Because they could never stop fighting with the other tribes

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Q: Why did the treaty of medicine lodge creek fail?
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Why did the United states fail to ratify the treaty?

Depends...What treaty are you talking about?

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Why did the 1903 Hay Herran Treaty fail?

Colombia failed to ratify the treaty and did not want to allow the USA build a canal on the isthmus of Panama.

Why did the US failed to pass the Treaty of Versailles?

They didnt fail to pass it.Yes they did fail to pass it in the US. They failed to pass it because Wilson first off was solely worried bout getting his League of Nations into the treaty that he didn't really involve the U.S. in the other important aspects. They couldn't even make much money from Germany etc. Also because many people disagreed on the league and foreign relations and the promise that it would end all war, etc. So it eventually didn't pass and Senator Lodge amended Wilson's treaty because Wilson refused to do it and it also didn't pass because Wilson and his followers wouldn't vote for it. So then in 1921 they eventually passed a treaty I think its the joint resolution? I can't remember.

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What were the terms of the second treaty of fort laramie why did it fail?

The treaty in 1889 gave the Dakota territory and the Black Hills to the Sioux was broken when the settlers began to cross into the lands given in the treaty and searching for gold in the Black Hills.

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