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because of the English kingdom taxation without representation towards the colonies.

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Q: Why did the colonies break away in 1776?
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What country did the colonies in north America break away from in 1776?

America broke away from England which is part of Great Britain.

In 1776 all colonies became?

In 1776, the colonies all became states

What years did the 13 colonies exist?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away... Wait... wrong colonies.

Why did the US break away of the thirteen colonies?

they didn't

Why did Delaware break away from Pennsylvania?

to gain access to more ports

How and why did colonies start to break away from European powers?

The colonies wanted to break away from European powers since they felt oppressed. They were able to achieve this through boycotts and protests which led to the American revolution.

What were the views of Loyalists in the 1770s?

That the colonies shouldn't break away from England

Was New Hampshire the 1st state to break away from England in 1776?

no they weren't virgina was the fist colony

What day was the official day that the colonies broke away from england?

July 4th 1776 when the delegates signed the Declaration of Independance.

How many American colonies June 1776?

June 1776 was when the Declaration of Independence was signed, so there were 13 colonies at that time.

When did the colonists declare their independence from England?

The colonists came to the decision to declare independence from Great Britain after the king of Britain and Parliament decided to impose high taxes on imported goods to the colonies. Without representation in Parliament the colonies had no way of voicing their disapproval. For this matter they decided to break away and for their own union.

More than half the members of the voted to break away from Britain?

More than half the members of the colonies wanted to break away from Britain. There was general discontentment about the amount of taxes the colonies had to pay to the British king.