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In 1776 in the colonies, it is estimated that the patriots made up 50 percent of the population. The total U.S. population in 1776 was 2,500,000.

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2% of population

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Q: How much did the patriots make up of the colonies in 1776?
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In 1776 a british pound was worth how much in American currency then?

4 dollars

What happened in the patriots vs loyalists debate?

The patriots said that we should not be treated like this and we don't have that much money to pay all of your taxes.

What did the loyalist do when the patriots throw the tea to the sea?

The King of England actually closed down Boston harbor until the tea was paid off. The expense of the tea was as much as $13 million today. The closure of the harbor caused merchants and others to not be able to pay for food and such. Other colonies worked to keep those merchants and others fed. This was one of the events through which the colonies created unity.

Were the sons of liberty patriots or loyalists?

Depends on your point of view. Treason is defined as acting against the king which is exactly what they did. But since they won the war for American independence we consider them as patriots. The winners decide who is a traitor and who is a patriot. The founding fathers were, very much so, patriots. They all had ideas of independence and liberty, which are the grounds of the American government. Some were judges and some lieutenant colonels. So this proves that they were strongly patriotic.AnswerDepends on you're point of view. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but the short answer is that there are two ways of looking at this: If you believe that colonies had the right to secede from the British Empire, and that the attempt by George III to keep them in the Empire against their will was illegitimate and treasonous, then the rebels (including the founding fathers) were British/American patriots fighting to defend the rights of Englishmen and the sovereignty of the Empire's colonies.If you believe that the colonies did not have the right to secede from the British Empire, then the rebels were traitors, and George III was a hero like Abraham Lincoln, who tried, but unlike Lincoln failed, to save the Empire.This is rather like asking weather the rebels in the Civil War were traitors or patriots.As I said tough, this is a bit of an oversimplification. There are other viewpoints, for example one could support the rebels solely on the basis of American nationalism. There were also other issues then just secession, probably the most proponent being weather Parliament was the legislature of only Britain (and maybe Ireland) itself, or the whole empire. In fact, at first the rebels weren't even fighting to secede from the Empire; the Revolution started in 1775 not 1776. At first they were fighting to end what they saw as Parliament's (mostly) illegitimate rule over the colonies, while remaining part of the Empire.

In your opinion what was the most important reason for the Patriots defeat of the British?

I believe the most important factor was their foreign help, from Spain and France. Without the help, the Patriots wouldn't have stood too much of a chance.

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How much does the New England Patriots qaurterback make per game?

Some $2 million.

What part of the American colonies saw armed conflict between patriots and loyalists?

There was fierce fighting in the Southern colonies between patriots and loyalists. So much so, it has been call a civil war. For over two years, American raiders led by patriot General Marion, the "Swamp Fox", battled with British loyalists and the British army.

Why were Patriots fightin for freedom agansit British?

They were fighting for freedom because they didn't like that the British were taxing them too much and that the colonies couldn't have anyone in Parliament (British Government).

Was the Declaration of Independence signed before or after the American Revolution?

The Declaration was published in July 1776, but Congress didn't sign it until Aug, 1776. The result of the Declaration was the revolution. King George, at first, thought of the problems in the colonies as minor, but after Bunker Hill he realized it was much greater and worse than he thought.

What was some of the challenges that the patriots faced?

the patriots faced not having much money and supplies.

How much is a 1776-1976?


How much does the back up Quarterback make for the New England Patriots?

Patriot back up quarterback Ryan Mallett will make $776,976 for the 2014 season.

How much is a bicentennial 1776-1976 quarter dollar worth with George Washington face on it?

How much is a bicentennial 1776-1976 quarter dollar worth

Why did England invade India?

England stationed British soldiers in the colonies because there was much rebellion and a growing tension in the colonies over British taxes(Stamp Act, Tea Act, Sugar Act, Townshed acts) . Britan wanted to make sure that the colonies remanied under control and they did not want a rebellion to start. The soldiers stationed there were called 'lobsterbacks' by the patriots (colonists who disagreed with taxes and wanted freedom from Britan). This was not that helpful by having the soldiers there-it reminded people that they were controlled and taxed by Britan and urged them to rebel. Soldiers from Britan were teased by patriots and this teasing lead to the first act of rebellion-the Boston Massacre. -roundrupert

What did patriots do?

to me pretty much i THINK patriots are the people from the war............ there were the red backs i think :L

How much did horseshoes cost in 1776?

dolla dolla

How much is a 1776 lighter zippo?

it doesn't exist.