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The United States is afraid of their neighbors, they know that if they don't keep them economically under control, they will be in big trouble. All of the United State's enemies reside in the Eastern hemisphere, by keeping Latin American countries economically weak this prevents wars between the United States and Latin American countries from occurring.

How does the United States economically weaken these countries? The United States gives them free money and supplies regularly, they do this so that these countries will be economically dependent on the United States. Keeping these countries economically weak has benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are that it keeps the United States extremely safe, they don't have to worry about wars occurring in the Americas because these countries are poor, they can't win wars with the United States otherwise they will be cut out of fundings that the United States regularly provides them with.

There are also disadvantages to this. Because Latin American countries are economically weak, they have a high poverty population, causing them to illegally immigrate into the United States looking for a better life because their countries have been economically destroyed by the United States.

Brief summary: By keeping their backyard weak, the United States is able to enslave and control Latin American countries. This keeps the United States safe, but completely harms the Latin American economies, which in conclusion causes illegal Immigration to the United States.

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Q: Why does the US weaken Latin American countries?
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Such action was needed to defend American interests.

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During the Cold War there were many Latin American countries soliciting intervention from the United States. Some of these countries were Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, and Nicaragua.

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prevent Germany from controlling Santo Domingo. make the collection of debts owed by Latin American countries a centerpiece of American foreign policy.

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Great Britain accepted growing U.S influence in Latin American countries.

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How did the US justify its intervention into the internal affairs of Latin American countries?

Such action was needed to defend American interests.