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Q: Why is Andrew Johnson famous in history?
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What are famous Johnsons?

Andrew Johnson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Samuel Johnson ( Mark Twain)

Famous politicians Andrew Jackson Andrew Johnson al gore are asssociated with what state?

tennesse South Carolina!!!

Famous politicians Andrew Jackson Andrew Johnson estes kefauver and al gore jr are associated with what state?


What president vetoed the Reconstruction acts and the fourteenth amendment?

Andrew Johnson

What famous people have the last name of Johnson?

· Andrew Johnson (U.S. President) · Jimmie Johnson (racecar driver) · Lyndon B. Johnson (U.S. President) · Magic Johnson (basketball)

Which famous president said the only people who like him are his children?

Andrew Johnson, I believe.

How did Andrew Johnson become famous?

Principally by being the first President to be impeached. (He was acquitted.)

Was Andrew Johnson a democrate?

Andrew Johnson was a republican.

Who became president after abraham lincoln and what was he famous for?

Andrew Johnson. First US President to be impeached.

Is Andrew Johnson Still Alive?

the president Andrew Johnson is dead, but not sure about other Andrew Johnson's out there.

What president was directly involved with the tenure of office act?

Andrew Johnson

What has made Andrew Johnson famous?

Andrew Johnson became quite well-known when he was elected as a Congressman and then the Governor of the state of Tennessee. However, Johnson became famous nationwide when he became the sixteenth vice president of the United States of America. He then became the seventeenth president of the nation following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Johnson's presidency is what he is best known for.