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Presidents can offer directives about something they already have power over, but one reason that a president might issue an executive order is to get around congress, and not be subject to the normal checks and balances built into our government. Congress makes new laws... the president cannot. In the past, several presidents have been criticized for using executive orders to take more power than they should have.

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Q: Why might the president give an executive order rather than create a new law?
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What might a wealthy executive who has committed financial wrongdoing and faces jail time appeal to the president for?

The executive might appeal to the president for a pardon or clemency to avoid serving jail time. They may argue that their contributions to the economy or society outweigh their crime, or that their incarceration would have negative effects on their family or business.

How might congress circumvent the use of executive privilege?

The President can use all of his powers as soon as he takes office.

What is another name for a President?

There are many; however most are variations on "Commander in Chief".

What are the duties of the employees of EOP?

They prepare reports for the president on special topics, such as new taxes that might be needed. They help write bills for the president to send to Congress. They check on the work of the many different agencies of the executive branch.

How might president Roosevelt have justified executive order 9066 in regard to the fifth amendment?

It allowed areas to be cleared as military zones and also the deportation of Japanese Americans

Can the Executive Branch of government make laws or can it only enforce laws Explain?

The executive branch has very limited powers to make what might be considered laws, usually in the form of executive orders or by means specifically delegated by other laws passed by Congress, and the President may veto laws passed by Congress.

What branch issues a pardon?

The Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch can grant pardons in the United States. It is usually a governor of a state who will grant a pardon for a person who is incarcerated. The President of the United States might also grant pardons.

Is Barack Obama Chief in Executive Chief Diplomat and Commander in Chief?

Yes, Commander In Chief is another name for the President and he has held office since 20 January 2009

As the president and the executive department implement and enforce a law they might need what?

Congress is in charge of making laws. The president only approves the bill or not, but he doesn't make law. This insures that the president doesn't become a king or dictator. Lately we have had a man in the executive branch who doesn't understand this concept and has tried to make laws without congress. The end result is these actions have gone to the federal courts.

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What education is required for executive jobs?

Most executive jobs require an advanced degree, usually in a business field but not necessarily. An executive with a marketing company might have a marketing degree or an executive with a computer software company might have a degree in computer science. MBA degrees are fairly common.

How might the power of executive be further limited?

By laws