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It is useful because the First Nations were supposed to get their two conditions which were fair for both the sides (First Nation and British). The two conditions to give up their land was that landownership rights of the First Nations must be respected. The second was that if a First nation did choose to give up land, it should receive a fair payment for it. Clearly, these two things did not happen and therefor it was not a useful beginning because the British didn't respect those conditions. After they took the land, the First Nations were deceived. So instead of everything going smoothly between the First Nation and British, they ended up British didn't get a long so well.

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Q: Why should it have been a useful beginning to the treaty making process?
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What is the senate's role in treaty making?

The senate must give its approval by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

How did the framers of the US Constitution view the issue of treaties?

America's founding fathers also had some framers of the Constitution in their ranks. Most historians agree that the founders and framers of the US Constitution envisaged the treaty making process to be the mutual agreement between US president and the US Senate.

Why Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is important?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the US-Mexican War in 1848. From this treaty the United States gained 500,000 square miles of territory and emerged as a major world power. However, the United States was rather arrogant while making this treaty, which kind of spoiled Mexico and American relations. It is one of the oldest treaties that is still in effect with Mexico and the United States.

Why did Henry Cabot lodge have problems with the treat of Versailles?

President Wilson, a Democrat, was engaged in a power struggle with a Republican controlled Senate. The conflict centered around a balance of power issue -- Wilson had negotiated the treaty without the customary presence of senators, and he neglected to discuss and negotiate the terms of the treaty with the Senate Foreign Relations committee before making it public. By cutting the senators out of the treaty making process, Wilson was attempting to do an end run around the Senate's authority over treaties and this angered many senators. The Republicans also had major substantive and ideological issues with the proposed treaty. Some of these issues arose out the bitter, personal rivalry between the head of the Foreign Relations Committee, Henry Cabot Lodge and Wilson. These men had opposing views of international relations with Lodge being a realist and Wilson an idealist. Lodge and other Republican Senators believed the treaty should call for the unconditional surrender of Germany and it did not, they felt that many provisions as written were unenforceable, and they opposed the treaty provisions which authorized US participation in Wilson's pet project, the League of Nations. In particular, Lodge felt participation in the League would compromise US sovereignty by requiring the US to enter into international conflicts when it was not in the national interest of the US to do so. Lodge's committee sent the treaty to the floor of the Senate for a vote with 14 amendments, but recommended against its passage. On November 19, 1919, for the first time in US history, the Senate rejected a peace treaty.

Britain acknowledged the independence of the 13 American colonies when it signed the?

Treaty of Paris in 1782The Treaty of Paris, the peace treaty between the United States and Britian.

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Should the word Treaty be capitalized?

Yes, the word "Treaty" should be capitalized when referring to a specific treaty as a proper noun (e.g., the Treaty of Versailles).

Did the Treaty of Paris bring peace to Paris?

The 1783 Treaty of Paris was part of a peace making process that ended a war in which the French were fighting, but it did not specifically effect the French itself. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution. France was one of the nations that had taken part in this war on the side of the Americans. The Treaty of Paris, however, was between the Americans and the Kingdom of Great Britain, and the a separate treaty was used for the conflict between France and the British.

Who reacted to Jay's treaty with England by beginning to capture Americian ships?


Reacted to Jay's Treaty with England by beginning to capture American ships?


Treaty that set out how Germany should be punished for ww1?

the treaty of Versailles ;)

What was the treaty signed by Hitler and Stalin in the beginning of WW2?

Nazi-Soviet nonagression pact.

When will the peace treaty occur as said by Daniel the prophet?

This peace treaty will occur shortly after the rapture of the Church, and will mark the beginning of the seven year tribulation period.

What is the process for the President to get around Congress and still make a treaty with a country?

He goes into ninja mode and sneaks around them to sign the treaty.

What is the process to sign a treaty with a foreign country?

The process in signing a treaty with a foreign country starts with negotiation with the Secretary of State. It is followed by negotiation of US representatives. Upon agreement of terms, the president submits treaty to Senate and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers treaty and reports to Senate and must be approved by 2/3 majority.

Treaty that set out how Germany should be punished for World War one?

The Treaty of Versailles.