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Q: Why was the first continental congress formed?
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What happened first Jefferson plans the declaration or the second continental congress formed?

Second continental congress is formed

What the first continental congress did?

they formed the colonial militia.

What organization was formed a continental army and sent the olive branch petition to the king?

The second continental Congress.

When did the first continental congress get established?

it was established in 1775 The second continental congress formed the continental army and made George Washington a general.

Which came first committees of correspondence formed or second continental congress formed?

the committees of correspondence formed are came first

What happened first the committees of correspondence or the second continenetial congress formed?

the committees of correspondence

What is a type of noun is for first continental congress?

The First Continental Congress is a proper noun.

What group formulated a statement explaining the fair relationship between the colonies and Britain?

the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress.

What formed in response to Intolerable Acts?

The First Continental Congress formed in response to the British Parliament's passage of the Intolerable Acts

What is important about second continental congress?

to configurate

What was the consequences of the first continental congress?

what was the consequence of the first continental congress

What was formed by the representatives of 12 of 13 colonies?

Because the questions uses the word "colonies," I'm assuming that you mean the Continental Congress.